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The Peace Walkers are on Hiatus until further notice.

Real Life is taking over for all of us, and we have to tend to ourselves there first and foremost.

We'll see you guys when we see you.

Hopefully when F2P hits.

You all take care in the meantime!


~ Ren / Oriane

Walkers Update: 7/1/2012

Aseren posted Jul 1, 12
After a lot of modifications and upgrades, our Flagship, the Vengeful Spirit, is almost ready to take flight bearing our colors!

All it takes is a little more time and effort, before we can finally call it a piece of home.

No ship of this size gets to be uncovered without a grand Entrance either...

Hopefully, you guys will find it very well worth the waitin'.

~ Your Commander; Nova.

And there it is, the Website is finally converted and running as intended! If you are a new member welcome aboard!

More information on the organization itself will be following up soon!

Whether you are a returning, former member of Verde, or a newcomer, if you want to join the team for the big journey ahead, please do so! And contact either A'lor or Cyr'renil (Rep Side), or Kyvaan and Sitvhen (Imp side) on The Ebon Hawk (US), for a spot in! We'll be glad to have you for the ride.


"We fought fiercely against our foes, gave them no mercy, and always came back from our battles.
We stood tall through the threat and pain of desertions and betrayals.
However few, we remained ourselves, and stuck together in spite of it all.
Time has proven we now need to let this shine through.

No more work to simply go through the day.
No more servitude to causes and beings we despise.'s see the real deal.
From now on, we will fight for what we believe in.

...Better watch out if you're not on our side."

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